Call for Papers: 2021 International Association for Robin Hood Studies Virtual Conference

Here is the call for papers (originally posted by Leslie Coote) for this year’s virtual meeting of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies, tentatively scheduled for December 3-5:

The Biennial Conference of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies

Tentative Date: 3-5 December 2021.


Deadline for Proposals: 11 October 2021

Call for Papers

Every country, every timespace, every culture has its outlaws, and each tells its own stories about them, in a variety of different genres and socio-cultural forms. As outlaw studies in general can be both a wide and a narrow field, we will consider any submission on any area of outlaw studies. Papers may present some aspect/s of outlaw culture in general, or Robin Hood/other outlaws in particular, from any period or any geographic or cultural background, in any media or literary format/genre. We encourage that submissions be classified using the following headings:

Society (including economics, law and crime); Literary culture (including documents and books) and Theory; Geography and Place; Play (including music and performance) and Leisure; Gender and Sexuality; Politics and political history; Cinematic and Digital Culture and Theory; Weapons, War and Fighting; Fantasy culture and Theory; Art, Archaeology and the Visual; Mystery, Superstition and Religion; Race and Ethnicity; Other Robin Hoods.In response to the extraordinary events of 2020 and the continuance of a really difficult situation into 2021, this year’s conference will be an online event. It will be co-hosted by Dr Lesley Coote (University of Hull, UK) and Dr Steve Basdeo (The American International University of Richmond, Leeds UK).

Please submit a single document by 11 October 2021, containing: 1. a brief (100 word) presenter biography, and 2. a brief abstract of 250 words, including proposed title and topic heading/s, as above.

Address proposals to both Dr. Lesley Coote FHEA, Fellow of the University of Hull ( and Dr. Stephen Basdeo, FHEA, Richmond: The American International University (

In the tradition of Robin Hood himself, and of other Robin Hoods, we expect the conference to be a free event. If there should be a cost, we would expect this to be minimal.