New Syllabi and Forthcoming Publication

Wes þu hal,

Last month I finished my first year as an assistant professor at Fort Hays State University. Needless to say, this year has been very different from anything I could have ever expected. There is very little I can write that has not already been written, so I will simply say that, despite the difficulties, I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the English faculty at FHSU. I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to face these challenges alongside.

Circumstances aside, this spring I finished teaching my first section of “Introduction to Linguistic Science,” and I am currently in the throes of teaching (via Zoom) my first graduate seminar, “Medieval Literature.” I have posted the syllabi for both of these classes onto the “Teaching” section of my website. Feel free to take a look.

While quite a few things during my first year at FHSU have been unexpected, I am happy to say that my article, “Teaching the 9th-Century Heliand in the 21st-Century Classroom,” has been accepted for publication in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching. This article details my approach to teaching the Heliand during my time at Baylor. I will be posting the publication information for this piece as soon as I hear from the editors.