Robin Hood and the Outlaw/ed Literary Canon Released

Wes þu hal,

I am pleased to say that today I received my long-anticipated contributor’s copy of Routledge’s Robin Hood and the Outlaw/ed Literary Canon. It has been a true pleasure working with Alex Kaufman and Leslie Coote as they put this collection together. My contribution, “‘Gone, the Song of Gamelyn’: John Keats and the Medieval Robin Hood”, argues that Keats drew upon the image of the medieval outlaw as a source of social commentary when composing his own Robin Hood poem.

In addition to my scholarly interests, this chapter also gave me a chance to combine my love of all things Robin Hood with the works of Keats, undeniably my favorite poet. I have added the citation information for the chapter to the “Research’ section of this site, and the book is available to purchase on Amazon.



10/5 ADDENDUM: At long last, I have now added my syllabus for World Literature to the “Teaching” section of this site.