Old Saxon at Kalamazoo!

Wes þu hal,

For those of you attending this year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, I would like to give a quick plug for the second annual “Studies in the Heliand” panel. The panel will take place on Thursday (May 11) at 3:30 in Valley III Stinson 306. The turnout for last year’s event was excellent, and I would love to keep building upon what I hope to be a yearly tradition. My old Baylor colleague David Eugene Clark of Suffolk County Community College will be presiding over four presentations:

“The Heliand and Theories of Germanic Intertextuality” – Paul Battles, Hanover College

“Christ, Commitatus, and Christology” – Larry J Swain, Bemidji State University

“Healing Power and the Disabled Body in the Heliand” – Perry Neil Harrison, Baylor University

“The One and the Other: Parables of Difference in the Old Saxon Heliand” – Kenneth C. Hawley, Lubbock Christian University

I’m looking forward to hearing the other papers on the panel, as well as meeting others interested in Old Saxon studies. Until then!



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