I will update this page as my teaching experience broadens. In the case of courses that I have taught at several institutions, such as first-year composition, I will only provide my most recent syllabi.

Courses, 2009-Present

Fort Hays State University (Fall 2019-Present)

ENG826: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English

ENG693: Heroes and Heroines of the Medieval World

ENG692: Robin Hood through the Ages

ENG683: History of the English Language

ENG680: Introduction to Linguistic Science

ENG664: J.R.R. Tolkien

ENG663: Vikings, Wizards, and Vampires – Literature of Northern England

ENG662: Medieval Literature

ENG482: English Grammar

ENG102: English Composition II

ENG101: English Composition I

Baylor University (Fall 2015-Spring 2019)

ENGL3300: Technical Writing

ENGL2306: World Literature

ENGL2301: British Literature

ENGL1304: Thinking, Writing, and Research

ENGL1302: Thinking and Writing

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

ENGL102: Writing and Research About Culture

ENGL101: Introduction to Academic Writing

Abilene Christian University (Fall 2009-Spring 2012)

ENGL222: Major British Writers II

ENGL221: Major British Writers I

ENGL112: Composition and Literature

ENGL111: Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL106: Academic Composition