Keep in mind that all publications provided on this page are proofs. Please double-check the final published version before citing them.

Peer Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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Forthcoming Publications

“Tolkien, the Medieval Robin Hood, and the Matter of the Greenwood.” Accepted for publication in Tolkien Studies 19 (2022): 18 Typescript Pages.

Review of Catherine E. Karkov, ed. Slow Scholarship: Medieval Research and the Neoliberal University. Accepted for publication in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching: 5 Proof Pages.

Recent Presentations

Kebra Nagast: Bringing Ethiopia’s 14th-Century National Epic to the 21st-Century Classroom.” 47th Annual Southeastern Medieval Association Conference, Birmingham, AL, November 10-12, 2022.

“Tolkien, Augustinian Theodicy, and ‘Lovecraftian’ Evil.” 57th Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, Hosted Virtually by Western Michigan University, May 9-14, 2022.

“Teaching the Old Saxon Heliand (A Roundtable).” 57th Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, Hosted Virtually by Western Michigan University, May 9-14, 2022.

“Tolkien, Lovecraft, and ‘Unknowable’ Evil.” 51st Annual Popular Culture Association Conference, Hosted Virtually, April 13-16, 2022.

“Seafaring, Maritime Language, and British Identity in the Middle English Patience.” 34th Annual Medieval Association of the Midwest Conference, Hosted Virtually by Ball State University, October 29-30, 2021.